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Mrs Bindon -

How Art at Huntcliff School prepares students for life in modern Britain.


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas

Though art pupils learn not only to be able to develop higher order visual literacy skills but to encompass all areas of the curriculum from numeracy to literacy, through to social and economic awareness. It is not just about if you can paint of draw but about understanding what you see, how you communicate your ideas and develop your logical processes by thinking outside the box in a creative and imaginative way.



Art and Design at Huntcliff focuses on pupils developing skills in a wide range of media in imaginative and creative ways.

Through a range of different starting points, pupils will study the techniques of both famous and local artists to inspire their own thinking and personal responses. Projects such as our Year 7 cross-curricular unit ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’ cover the work of Helen Snell and Tim Burton. These inspire pupils to be not only creative and experimental in their artwork but also in their writing skills (illustrated scary poems- links with English). Final outcomes include scary pop-ups, scarecrow sculptures and ceramic monsters.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to develop Personal Learning and Thinking skills through their artwork. Sketchbooks are used to enhance learning and show a personal journey of developed skills and ideas.

Work is displayed throughout the school as a part of celebrating the success of the pupils. Visits to local galleries and artist led workshops are some of the activities on offer to pupils to enhance their learning experience within Art and Design.


Art and Design at Key Stage 4 is a popular option and over the years results have continued to go from strength to strength. Following the AQA GSCE specification KS4 pupils are expected to show and develop a wide range of experiences through unit based work. Strong links are made between artists, with options for live briefs and a greater understanding of what it would be like to work within the Art and Design field. This course compiles of 60% coursework and 40% exam.


Art is taught by two full time Art specialists who both have experience in many areas of Art and Design from Fine Art, Art History, 3D, Ceramics, Textiles to Fashion Design. Both staff also contribute to the Opening Minds programme and Technology

Teaching Area

Art is taught in two specialist rooms.


Both art rooms are fully equipped with a wide range of art materials to facilitate a whole host of disciplines in art such as 3D, textiles and printmaking. To support learners, there is access to computers, interactive whiteboards, visualises and an iPad to enable individual and whole group development.


Since 2004 the Art and Design Department has offered opportunities to explore and experience Art first hand by treading in the great artists’ footsteps through Art trips to places such as Venice and New York. Pupils experience the artwork first hand as well as improve upon social skills. Through the work produced on the trip and in sketchbooks pupils are encouraged to produce a final piece. Other visits include London gallery and culture trips that extend pupils’ awareness and understanding of the world of Art and Design.


We are very proud of our subject and over the years the art department flourished. Pupils have continued to work hard and many ensure that they obtain GCSE grades significantly above the national average.

Many pupils who opt for this subject will continue with their Art studies on leaving Huntcliff as a result of their Art and Design experience, often going onto Lincoln Art College and then onto university. Some individuals have been questioned on interview at Art College, as to what course they have done at Huntcliff as their GCSE work has been mistaken for that of A ‘Level standard.


(Jan 2019)