Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers Guidance, September 2018


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is a comprehensive one-stop source of information that lists and provides details of all the Post 16 options, courses, jobs and training in North East Lincolnshire.

To find out more about College Open Days and Apprenticeship events, click on the current 2018-19 College and Apprenticeship Events Calendar. If you can't make the dates arranged, you can contact the college or organisation direct for help and advice. Please click here to download the

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Please click here for the latest LMI Humber information.

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Huntcliff was awarded the Career Mark in July 2014 in recognition of the ‘delivery of high quality Careers IAG’

‘A successful programme that is meeting the needs of all the young people in the school’

All pupils have an entitlement to high quality CEIAG in order for them to make informed, responsible and realistic decisions about their future pathways when they leave Huntcliff.

In order to make appropriate choices pupils need to:-

Understand themselves and external influences on their behaviour (Self Development)

Investigate opportunities in learning and work (Career Exploration)

Make and adjust plans to manage change and transition (Career Management)

IAG given by the careers coordinator and other school staff, through curriculum areas, is impartial but we have a close working relationship with outside agencies and post 16 providers who visit school to inform pupils of the varied opportunities available to them. Speakers from variety of backgrounds are invited in to talk and give advice. Parents are informed about, and are encouraged to be involved in, CEIAG.

Pupils receive CEIAG as part of their PSHCE programmes of study. CEIAG is also addressed in subject curriculums. All pupils are aware of their careers entitlement (Entitlement Statements are displayed in the Pupil Journal). Pupils can also self - refer to the Careers Coordinator for additional support.

With the Raising of the participation age all pupils must remain in education or training until they are 18. Every year the school is successful in meeting the September Guarantee, ensuring all pupils have an offer of a destination when they complete Year 11. Our NEETS (i.e. pupils Not in Education, Employment or Training) record is outstanding.

Pupils are encouraged to visit the careers office which houses up to date resources covering a wide range of career opportunities. The Careers Noticeboards, situated outside the Careers Office, are regularly updated. Any opportunities of apprenticeships etc that are sent to school are emailed to pupils and awareness is raised in weekly assemblies.

Huntcliff has a Service Level Agreement with the North Lincs Careers Service which has recently been awarded the Matrix Standard. A Careers Adviser comes into school 1 day each week; pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 can have an individual interview where they are able to discuss their future career plans and how to achieve them.

In years 8 & 9 pupils are given specialist advice by careers staff on option choices and their implications. There is a Parents’ Evening to support this work. In addition North Lindsey College and John Leggott College come into school to present their Road Show and Pathways Event which give pupils an insight in to the different types of courses (vocational and academic) on offer to them Post 16.

In Year 10 there is an opportunity for pupils to visit a careers convention. In the summer term pupils take part in Taster Days at John Leggott and North Lindsey Colleges.

In Year 11 pupils are given talks from John Leggott, North Lindsey, Lincoln Colleges and The Grimsby Institute and are offered individual guidance appointments. Following the Lincoln and Grimsby talks interested pupils are taken for a Taster Day. The school is also closely connected to Bishop Burton & Riseholme. All pupils are invited to the Open Evenings/Days held by the colleges. Pupils in Years 10 & 11 are given information and guidance about applying for Apprenticeships and are kept updated on apprenticeship opportunities. In the autumn term all year 11 pupils are guided through the applications procedure. This is supported by the colleges as well as school staff.

The transition process for those pupils with additional needs is bespoke to meet needs. This may include transport transition plans, mentoring and pre-visits to prepare pupils for the move to post 16 education.