We are very proud of our curriculum offer and particularly our enrichment programme. It is designed to complement the other subjects taught across the school and is an exciting opportunity for children to broaden their experiences, acquire new skills, and further strengthen personal and social development, including team work, communication and building positive relationships. Many of these skills are important in school but will be needed in your future careers so this is the perfect time to develop them.

We recognise that because the vast majority of our children travel some distance to attend our school and as a result are not always able to stay behind to take part in extra-curricular activities.

There are opportunities for creativity and crafts, sport, outdoors and volunteering and problem solving.

A booklet is published every term and children are asked to select two different activities per term from the range on offer.

Parents can also offer their skills and expertise and should you wish to do so. 


Please contact Mrs Hartley with your ideas and further details: