Head of Subject:  Mr Bellamy:

How Geography at Huntcliff School prepares students for life in modern Britain.


The purpose of the geography department at Huntcliff School is to stimulate a keen interest in the workings of the world. We aim to give pupils an understanding of their world today. Our aim is to give an ‘all round’ approach to the subject -both physical and human. We look at patterns large-scale and small and try to give pupils the ability to examine the why, the how and the where. The department aims to provide a stimulating environment in which each pupil is able to develop their potential to the full, enabling all pupils to approach the subject positively and to recognise its importance both within the school curriculum and the outside world.



Currently during Key Stage 3, students investigate the world at the local, national and international scale. Pupils investigate a range of different human and physical geography, and consider how humans impact upon the environment. Pupils will also consider how humans can manage and use environments in a sustainable way. Pupils will carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. Pupils will use a range of different skills and materials to investigate aspects of the curriculum, such as maps, satellite images ICT and statistical data. As pupils study various units of work different types of assessment are used in Key Stage 3. End of unit tests are used when appropriate. Pupils are also expected to complete relevant geographical enquiry.

GCSE (Years 9-11)

Pupils now follow the new AQA A GCSE syllabus. This course is examined at the end of year 11 and each pupil will sit 3 exams:

Paper 1

  • Living with the physical environment (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Paper 2

  • Challenges in the human environment (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Paper 3

  • Geographical issues (1 hour).

Pupils study a range of topics including: natural hazards, rivers, coasts, tropical storms, climate change, ecosystems and the economic world.  


There are two full-time teachers and two other teachers who teach a small part of the curriculum within the department.

Mr D Bellamy – Subject leader:

Mr R Ness:

Teaching Area

The department has the use of two teaching rooms G1 and G2. Some geography teaching does occur within other rooms within the school, as well as in ICT rooms.


The department is well resourced with a variety of textbooks to complement the curriculum in KS3 and KS4. The department has access to a range of multimedia devices in each classroom including computers, laptops, visualizers and interactive whiteboards. is an excellent learning and revision resource.

Extra Curricular

The department runs revision classes for all year 11 pupils at relevant times of the year.  GCSE students must complete a local fieldwork visit to Hornsea. The department has a Facebook page, in which members of staff post revision material, appropriate revision clips and reminders to students.


Large numbers of students opt to study this subject at GCSE, and many go onto study further with AS and A levels. Students who study this subject generally perform well alongside other subjects in the school. The current performance of students is above the national average.


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