Head of Subject:                      Mr J Kelly


By studying History not only do we learn about people, events and societies from the past, we can also learn skills crucial to our own future- from the ability to think for yourself , analyse the information you research, to the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.


In KS3 we begin in Year 7 by studying life during the Middle Ages. This includes the causes of the Battle of Hastings and how William gained control during the Norman Conquest. It is also at this stage that we develop skills of enquiry and using evidence. We then move onto looking at the English Civil War and how Oliver Cromwell is seen by different people as either a hero or villain. In Year 8 pupils study the effects of change, looking at how the Industrial Revolution led to both winners and losers in Great Britain. We go on to investigate Slavery and finish the year by studying the First and Second World Wars, looking at their causes, events and civilian experience of war.

In Year 9  pupils study Crime and Punishment through Time, looking at how crimes, punishment and law enforcement changed from the Middle Ages to the Modern Day. 

In Year 10 students investigate the Saxons and Normans, looking at what life was like under William the Conqueror and how the Saxon people rebelled against him.  Year 10 finishes with students studying the Cold War and worsening relations between America and Russia in the 1950's and 60's.  In Year 11 we focus on the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930's Germany, looking at how a democracy became a dictatorship and the effects of Nazi rule on different groups of people.


Teaching and learning is based on a variety of activities drawing on the experience, expertise and enthusiasm of three committed History teachers. We believe engagement, creativity and high expectations are at the heart of learning and that above all, learning should be worthwhile and fun! The success of this approach is reflected in the high number of pupils who opt to take History at GCSE level.

Teaching Area

The History Department is sited in the Humanities Faculty and has two teaching rooms, both of which have Interactive Whiteboards. The interactive whiteboards allow us to access a wide range of sources which can engage students and bring History to life. Other teaching and learning activities include role play; presentations on Power Point; card sorts; the production of leaflets and newspapers, models and displays, and even the design of board games! The department uses visualizers to model pupil work and computers in the resource centre to use up-to-date software.


For many years the History department has organised visits which help take learning outside the classroom and bring History to life. This includes visits to local museums; the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham and for the past five years a series of trips to Europe. Most recently 40 students visited battlefields in Belgium; the Menin Gate memorial in Ypres as well as V3 launch sites and Atlantic Wall defences in Northern France. We have visited Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam and in 2013 students visited Berlin, taking in sites from the Reichstag to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In n 2010 History students were lucky enough to visit North Carolina, USA as part of a research trip into the Eagle Squadron - a group of American pilots who flew out of Kirton Lindsey during World War Two. Students from Year 9 and Year 10 also hosted students from Holland as part of a joint research project into Operation MANNA – a humanitarian operation carried out at the end of World War Two.



(Jan 2019)