Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Subject:                             Miss T Robinson

How Modern Foreign Languages at Huntcliff School prepares students for life in modern Britain.


MFL continues to play an important role in understanding our world, and the aptitudes pupils develop when learning a foreign language are highly valued by employers. We aim to equip our pupils with the skills they need to communicate with other people in a range of situations, as well as the cultural knowledge to understand and appreciate the way of life in other countries.


KS3 – In Year 7, pupils will learn how to give personal information, express opinions and justify their points of view through the topics of Myself, School and Hobbies. Pupils will gain an insight into the life of a young person in the Target Language Country, and will become familiar with the basic grammar and pronunciation rules of the language.

During year 8, pupils will extend their vocabulary, grammar and cultural knowledge by studying the topics of Food, Media, The Target Language World and My Area.

Pupils will use the Studio and Metro course books and they will have between 3 and 5 language lessons a fortnight.

KS4 - The new GCSE specification with exams starting in May 2018 is 100% examination. We are going to use AQA exam board for this course. The four skills are all worth 25% and must be sat at the same tier of entry, ie all four will be sat at Foundation or Higher.

Pupils begin the GCSE course in Year 9 in order to fully cover the demands of the course. Pupils have five lessons over the fortnightly timetable. In Spanish we will follow the Viva textbook, a fully up to date resource for the new specification, in French we use Studio.

During the three years pupils will reinforce and extend their vocabulary and grammar knowledge through studying a range of topics such as Customs and Traditions, Technology and Work.

The exams take place at the end of Year 11. The reading and listening are worth 25% each and pupils will respond in short answers to a range of texts.

In the reading exam there will also be a translation into English. In the speaking worth 25%, pupils will take part in a short role play, give a description of a photo and finally answer general conversation questions.

For writing dependent upon the tier of entry, pupils will complete four(Foundation) or three (Higher) questions, writing between 20-90 words (Foundation) and 90-150 words (Higher). Each paper also contains a translation into the target language.


Miss T Robinson – Head of MFL, teaches French, German and Spanish.

Miss K Mercier – teaches French and Spanish.

Miss Mercier is a native speaker of French.

Teaching Area

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard as well as a Visualiser, and they are dedicated Languages rooms adjacent to each other with colourful vocabulary aides and displays on the walls.


As well as the dictionaries, text books, DVDs and CDs used within the classrooms, pupils have regular access to an ICT suite. There are foreign magazines available in the school's Resource Centre.


Pupils may have the opportunity to take part in a cultural visit to France or Spain during their time at Huntcliff.


Examination results, former pupils and their careers, etc.




(Jan 2019)