Modern British Values

At Huntcliff School we are dedicated to promoting values which ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. We prepare the students for life in Modern Britain because values such as individual liberty, democracy, the law, mutual respect and tolerance are embedded within the curriculum and the ethos at Huntcliff. In addition these values are promoted at various times throughout the school year.

As school leaders and Governors, we are responsible for providing a curriculum which:

  • Is broad and balanced, complies with legislation and provides a wide range of subjects which prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in Modern Britain.
  • Actively promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Extends beyond the classroom with a wide range of visits and experiences.
  • Promotes tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths [or none], cultures and lifestyles through effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, including by engaging pupils in extracurricular activity and volunteering in their local community.
  • Is supported by a well-rounded programme of assemblies which offer clear guidance on what is right and wrong.

Subject specific opportunities for preparing pupils for life in modern Britain are attached in the appendix at the end of this document.

We endeavour to ensure that students;

  • Are reflective about their own beliefs and perspectives on life, and the extent to which they are the same as/different to others’ faith, feelings and values.

    Examples are; RE curriculum, assemblies, Citizenship lessons, Opening Minds lessons, study of literary works in English lessons, peer support groups such as, ‘Liferaft and ‘Happy Hut’.

  • Show an interest in investigating and offering reasoned views about moral and ethical issues, and appreciate the viewpoints of others.

    Examples are; Citizenship curriculum, PSHE sessions, discussions in English, R.E. History, Geography and science lessons. Peer mentoring programme, SEAL Ambassador, inclusive sporting experiences

  • Have a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about the world around them and participate actively in artistic, sporting or cultural activities.

    Examples can be found in the wide range of both offer and take-up of local, national and international activities such as; The Venice Art trip, the Italian Netball trip, Water sports trip in France, residential outdoor education experiences, Artists in Residence, theatre visits, school concerts and school play productions

  • Recognise the difference between right and wrong, understand that actions have consequences, and apply this in their own lives by respecting the Law.

    Examples are; School policies for the welfare, health and safety, Behaviour policy [and the use of sanctions and rewards], Achievement assemblies and Awards Evenings, specific workshops on age-appropriate road safety issues, positive behaviour programmes for bespoke use, programmes of study within Citizenship and R.E.

  • Cooperate well, celebrate diversity and resolve conflicts effectively.

    Examples are; School and House council, Sports Teams, Maths team challenge, House competitions, school assemblies, bespoke anger management training programmes, use of circle time and mediation processes, use of restorative practices, Peer mentor programme.

  • Engage positively with life in a democracy.

    Examples are; Elections for Head Boy/Girl, Other Pupil Leadership roles, School council elections, Links with North Lincolnshire Youth Council, Sports Ambassadors, active use of pupil voice via interviews and surveys, IAG programme within PSE.

  • Understand and appreciate the history, heritage and wide ranging cultural influences that underpin our individual and shared experience of life in modern Britain.

    Examples are; Recognition of the significance November 11th, European trips, visits to Hitler on Trial, Courts of Justice, synagogue, Gurdwara museum, theatres, Lincolnshire Show, contributions to the Normanby Hall WW1 project, History and English curriculum, Financial Management as part of PSHE, School Prom, fund raising for local, national and international charities.

In short we believe that we allow our students to recognise right from wrong, resolve conflicts, understand and explore diversity, develop a moral code, understand others’ beliefs and understand how communities function. These qualities will allow them to participate fully in life in Modern Britain.