Physical Education Department

Head of Subject:  Miss Hyslop:

“Know what to do Know how to do it Know when to do it

….. and do it well.”

(21st century mission statement)

The work carried out within the context of physical education at Huntcliff School is designed to support, contribute to, and complement the school’s overall aims.

The functioning and operating procedures of the department are based on a personal growth through physical education philosophy.  Physical Education is not just seen as the teaching of specific activity areas, it is more to do with using identified activity areas to engage pupils in educational processes.  Lessons are taught with the intention of not only developing activity specific skills, knowledge and understanding, but also with the aim of developing successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

All pupils follow a balanced, comprehensive and broad programme of activities that focus not only on performance (product) but also on personal well-being (social, moral, emotional, spiritual) and cognitive development.

The curriculum is structured and implemented in such a way that all individuals are given opportunities to experience challenge, satisfaction, success and enjoyment.  This is facilitated by the implementation of structured and progressive work units.  Within the context of physical education at Huntcliff all pupils are given opportunities to use tactics, strategies and compositional ideas.  They are placed in situations where they have to think about their own work and the work of others.  They analyse situations, make decisions, reflect, and use assessment to improve their understanding and performance levels.

When involved in PE lessons, pupils are helped to develop both personally and socially.  The Physical Education programme at Huntcliff enhances pupil self-confidence and promotes qualities such as co-operation, compliance, teamwork, fair play, honesty and leadership.  The PE department also works to the end of equipping all pupils with the knowledge that they can make informed decisions when making life choices.