Personal, Social, Health, Careers education - PSHCE

Mrs P Hartley, Deputy Headteacher:


In PSHE and Citizenship the skills you will acquire will help you to be exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in your education, training or employment and prepare you for taking an active role in our community and life in modern Britain. The course combines personal, social and health education, as well as citizenship and the aspects of information, advice and guidance for careers. We are also flexible and use information from local feedback to respond to current issues as they arise. This can be as a response to our Adolescent Lifestyle survey or local information from discussions with other colleagues in schools or through Police information. For example, domestic violence, sexting, child sexual exploitation, legal highs and extremism have all had specific lessons dedicated to them in response to current needs locally or nationally.


Pupils are given the opportunity to demonstrate exceptional independence; they think critically, articulate their learning and their views with great confidence and work constructively with others on topics around all aspects of PSHE and citizenship. They consistently evaluate, discern and challenge their own and others’ views using appropriate evidence from a range of sources.

Pupils show an understanding of, and commitment to, their own and others’ health and well-being. Pupils, appropriate to their age and capability, have an excellent understanding of relationships, sexual development, sexual consent and respect. They understand extremely well how to keep themselves and others healthy and safe and are very well aware, for example, of the dangers of substance misuse. Pupils have a very strong understanding of how to recognise and deal with mental health problems such as stress or eating disorders; how to develop resilience and resist peer pressure; and where to go to seek further help and advice.

All understand very well the impact of bullying on others and actively challenge all forms of bullying including racist, disabled and homophobic language.

Pupils make progress in developing understanding and skills in relation to business, enterprise, money management, the world of work and employability. The pupils focus upon CVs, letters of application and the interview process as well as the opportunity to visit local colleges for taster days to ensure pupils make informed decisions at post 16. This process is well supported by independent careers guidance.


PSHE – friendships, anti-bullying and e-safety, puberty, hygiene and health, holiday safety (road, rail, land, water, fire), tolerance, domestic abuse (including Child sexual exploitation), basic SRE (choices, condoms, laws, HIV etc).
Citizenship – how the UK is governed and the rights and responsibilities of its citizens in modern Britain. This includes, democracy and Parliament (voting and elections), liberties of UK citizens, the Justice system and management of money.
Careers – we examine a variety of jobs, how much jobs earn and what qualifications are necessary for these jobs, as well as preparation for options at KS4. Some pupil get an opportunity to visit a University and all pupils have careers fairs led by local colleges and employers.


PSHE – Drugs, alcohol, first aid, finance and gambling, e-safety (sexting), mental & emotional health, domestic violence, enterprise and work related learning, managing your money, SRE topics including porn, testicular cancer, sexual risks, homophobia, self esteem, young drivers
Citizenship & Life in Modern Britain – Parliament and other forms government, democratic and non-democratic (including extremism), electoral systems beyond the UK, identity in the UK and the need for mutual respect and understanding, community volunteering, financial risk and managing money (taxes, wages, credit, debt etc)
Careers – all pupils have taster visits to local colleges, independent careers guidance and interviews, full preparation for college including applications, CVs, practice interviews, university visits, etc.
We are proud to have achieved the Career mark in 2014 for outstanding high quality careers information advice and guidance for our pupils.
PSHCE is not examined at GCSE level but forms a vital component of the school curriculum and we are committed to outstanding delivery of PSHE. We are proud to hold the Careers Mark in recognition of our high standards in delivering impartial information, advice and guidance to pupils and of our record of the number of pupils who progress successfully to education, employment and training year after year.

Teaching Area

PSHCE can be delivered in any classroom although we have one specialist teaching room.


Interactive whiteboards, subject specific DVDs, access to external providers for specialist input such as careers, post 16 information, First Aid and SRE.

Extra Curricular

PSHCE includes working with the community on such activities as the Old Folks Christmas Party, voting for House responsibilities and School Council, representation at the town council. We actively support the Youth Council and hold assemblies where representatives discuss the opportunities with all out pupils. The Youth Mayor for 2013-14 was our ex Head Boy, and since then we have had representation at the Youth Council.


We are very proud of the numbers of pupils who successfully leave Huntcliff every year, fully prepared to go on to education, employment or training. The number of pupils NEET (not in education, employment or training) is incredibly small compared to other establishments.