Head of subject:  Mrs Kaye:


Science is the field of study that tries to describe and understand the nature of the universe. It is an integral part of modern culture, stretching the imagination of young people and helping to make complex things simple.



The study of science fires pupils’ curiosity about phenomena in the world around them and offers opportunities to find explanations. It engages learners at many levels, linking direct practical experience with scientific ideas. Experimentation and modelling are used to develop and evaluate explanations, encouraging critical and creative thought. Pupils will study topics such as Cells and Reproduction, Reactions of Chemicals, Energy, Digestion, Microbes and Space. Assessment will be embedded into lessons and pupils will also sit end of topic tests and terminal examinations preparation for further study into science. The new KS3 science framework is being phased in as a 5 year teaching plan from Year 7 through to Year 11.


During this key stage, pupils will be taught the knowledge, skills and understanding of how science works through the study of organisms and health, chemical and material behaviour, energy, electricity and radiations, the environment, earth and universe.  The school offers Combined Science (two GCSEs) and separate Sciences: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


The department comprises of four specialist teachers covering the science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, two full time technicians and one part time technician.

Teaching Area

There are six fully equipped laboratories, a nature pond and a garden.


All the laboratories are equipped with equipment and text books for the study of science and specialist equipment is ordered when required. The department has access to ICT suites when required.


The Science department will be offering a number of trips to students ranging from Chester Zoo (inheritance and selection) to Alton Towers (study of the Physics of roller coasters).


At Huntcliff we are proud of how well students do in science, we offer courses at academic and vocational levels so that all students can reach their full potential, making sure all students have the chance to study science at post 16 at A level or level 3 BTEC.