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Head boy and head girl elections 2015

Henry Bray: Felix Delsignore:

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This year's candidates for head boy and head girl have now been announced.

There are four candidates for head boy and seven candidates for head girl.

Voting will take place on Thursday 7 May, the same day as the General Election in the United Kingdom.

Ballot boxes and voting slips will be distributed to each form. 

Students from each form should go to the ballot box, pick up a voting slip, place their crosses (one boy and one girl) and place their vote in the box.

We are trying to make it as near to the real voting experience as possible and students are being encouraged to take the vote seriously and vote for the people that they feel will be able to best lead the school council and make things happen.

Each of the candidates have produced a campaign video to explain why they feel they should be elected as head boy or head girl. You can find a link to each of their videos below:


Henry Bray:

Felix Delsignore:

Ruby Delsignore:

Stacy Ella:

Lisa Fisher:

Maisie Ludlam:

Kira MacKenzie:

Aidan Morton:

Monica Slavatierra:

Osher Toer: