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Huntcliff celebrates ‘Inclusive’ award

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Huntcliff School is celebrating after being granted a nationally recognised award acknowledging the school’s inclusive community.

The Inclusion Quality Mark is a standard for assessing schools against a nationally recognised framework on inclusion. It looks at a school’s values, environment, teaching and pupil performance whilst taking on the views of pupils, staff, the Governors and the wider school community. There is also a particular emphasis on reviewing the work of the school in respect of children with SEN.

In order to achieve the mark, Huntcliff had to evidence that it supported and demonstrated inclusion in eight areas: Inclusion values and the practice of the school; The learning environment, resources and ICT; Learner attitudes, values and personal development; Learner progress and the impact on learning; Learning and teaching (monitoring); Parents, carers and guardians; The Governing body and management, external accountability/support (LA, Academy Trust, external validation); The school in the community and how this supports inclusion.

Commenting in her report, assessor Stephanie Robinson said:

“Huntcliff Academy is a warm and friendly learning community. First impressions on arriving at the setting are of confident children and caring staff in a well organised learning environment.

I received a consistently positive response from children, parents and staff. The Governors were supportive and recognised the importance of inclusion.

“Children with a variety of needs are welcomed at Huntclif, parents appreciate the support their children have been given to enable them to progress. The children’s voice is heard and evidenced through the work of the student council.

“Positive behaviour is encouraged through the use of the school’s behaviour policy.”

Huntcliff will now be presented with an official plaque during a ceremony in London in September to acknowledge the school’s achievement of the IQM.

Head teacher, Sue Bond, said:

“At Huntcliff we have always prided ourselves on being an inclusive school community, working with our staff, pupils, their families and the wider community to ensure Huntcliff is a welcoming environment for all who visit.

“The report from the IQM assessor recognises our hard work and commitment to making sure we are an inclusive community for all.

“We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark, and this achievement will further enhance the procedures we already have in place to support our pupils during their time with Huntcliff.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff who worked tirelessly to put together the evidence required for the IQM assessor. And also the students for their openness and honesty about what life is really like at Huntcliff and how much they value the support and teaching they receive during their years with us.”