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Sky Sports students progressing with projects

Sorcha presents an assembly to year 7

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Two students who were selected to take part in the Sky Sports, Living for Sport project are now well underway with the scheme.

Both students have had several meetings with their athletic mentors and are now looking to organise fundraising events that will raise the aspirations of young people at Huntcliff and the surrounding areas.

In May, Callum and Sorcha travelled to Leicester to take part in a Dragon’s Den style exercise, pitching their ideas to a board to try and get funding to kick start their projects and get them off the ground.

Both Callum and Sorcha were successful in securing the maximum £200 available to them, and Callum also won a voucher for himself as he gave one of the best pitches.

Sorcha Cummins Hylton year 9

Sorcha's project is to raise awareness of the Macmillan charity and to create some community interest in a future skate park in the local area.

Sorcha is planning an urban sports festival linking into the summer fayre on Thursday 17 July.

Her plan is to charge pupils to come onto the field to try out 'urban' sports, a balloon release and also run some stalls to add to funds.

Following the summer half term, Sorcha held an assembly for year 7 pupils. This was a real landmark for Sorcha who is clearly growing in confidence and really rising to the challenges she is facing. With the help of her athletic mentor, Amanda Coulson, she spoke about her project and what she wants to achieve. Having explained the she then asked for some helpers and also who would support the event by coming along and joining in. The response was overwhelming and we’re looking forward to seeing the event develop.

Callum Scrimshaw Year 10

Callum's project is to raise funds for cancer research and to raise the positive profile of his children's home.

Callum is planning a sponsored cycle ride for the young people he lives with. Part of the project is looking into linking it to a local old peoples care home - the idea to start and finish at the home and spend some time there building links.

Callum's athlete mentor is Paul Broadbent and he will be popping into school over the term to plan and work with Callum.