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Science Lessons

Students in Science lesson working with chemicals

School drive
Fill The Unforgiving Minute
Welcome to Huntcliff School

Choosing the right secondary school for your child is an important decision

Fill The Unforgiving Minute
Woodwork Classes

Students in woodwork lesson working with wood and sanding it down

Fill The Unforgiving Minute
Cookery Lessons

Students in cookery lesson perparing food

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I am delighted to welcome you to our school. Choosing the right secondary school for your child is an important decision and at Huntcliff we are creating an atmosphere of high standards through an ethos of compassion and warmth for all of the school community. 






We want to ensure the academic outcomes are excellent, through a well-designed curriculum that allows learners of all abilities and talents to flourish and targeted interventions to close gaps at the earliest possible opportunity. However, we also know that an equally important part of school life is the additional experiences, for example, Educational visits abroad, opportunities to work with experts in their fields, such as authors and artists and representing the academy through Drama and sporting events.

Achieving outstanding provision within the Academy is only possible with close communication between home and school, and I will work hard to ensure communication is swift and effective. Together we want to create students who enjoy learning, have high aspirations and are able to be successful citizens when they leave us.

Interim Headteacher: Mr A Edwards

Latest News: Super Max shines at Open Evening

Proud school leaders were happy to be upstaged by one of our Year 7 students who gave a rousing speech outlining why Huntcliff School was the right choice.

Twelve-year-old Max Robson earned a huge round of applause after speaking to a packed hall of Year 5&6 pupils and their families during our academy’s annual Open Evening. Read more...