Students – Preparing for your future

Huntcliff will provide you with  CEIAG – (Careers Education Information Advice Guidance) provision that has been designed to positively support you to acquire the educational, social and employability skills necessary for achieving your aspirations and persevering in a diverse and changing world of work. Our careers program outlines the lessons, activities and experiences that you will receive and is updated on a regular basis to take advantage of every opportunity. We take pride in helping you to become respectful citizens that can adopt a positive attitude that are fully ready to achieve future success.

Information on what we offer can be found on our Careers at Huntcliff page, our Careers plan can also be found here.

From Year 7 to 11 we encourage you to take an interest in your future self. In addition the programme of activities that we provide you we would also encourage you to visit the other pages on our website, use the Careers tiles on MS Teams, speak with teachers, parents/carers, local employers, colleges etc. Here are some links to help you with your career research. If you would like to request a 1:1 careers chat with the careers advisor speak to Miss Davidson or Mrs Green.

Unifrog– Online careers platform, designed to connect 11-18 year olds with your future career potential. Each pupil has a log on to access careers information and guidance, to build their own profile and explore job roles and employers.  Your log on is valid up until they are 18 so can be transferred to college. Click here to log in. If you need your log in details please speak to Miss Davidson in M7

Here are some useful sites that can help you with careers research and access to information.

National Careers Service

Post 16 Transition

Student Journey

Apprenticeship information

iCloud Careers & Buzz Quiz

We are aware that school can be stressful and at times you may feel added pressure to achieve in your exams or about making decisions surrounding your future. Remember there is a wide support network surrounding you, including your teachers, tutors, PSO’s, parents/carers etc.

Make sure you reach out for help, advice and support when you need it. Here are some other useful sites that can help.

Young Minds – Exam Stress

Kooth – Online wellbeing community

Be the Difference



Careers Strategy

Career of the Week

Key Contacts

LMI Humber

Preparing for the Future

Step-up Days

Work Experience

Request for Leave

Uniform Exectations