Teaching Staff – September 2021

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)Ms K Ashwood
Maths TeacherMr A Aspland
Learning Co-ordinator for GeographyMr D Bellamy
Learning Co-ordinator for TechnologyMr M  Bellamy
HeadteacherMrs N Bibby
Learning Co-ordinator for Art   (Head of Endeavour )Mrs J Bindon
Assistant Headteacher   Mr P Clayton
Faculty Director for Science & PEMr D Craven
Gateways TeacherMrs T Collier-Murphy
English TeacherMs M Drury
Humanities TeacherMrs C Forder
Science TeacherMr E Nundy
PE TeacherMr D Gardner
English TeacherMiss G Hughes
Learning Co-ordinator for PE   (Head of Discovery)Miss D Hyslop
Humanities Teacher Miss H Jackson
Music TeacherMiss K Jennings
Maths TeacherMr M Jennings
Faculty Director for HumanitiesMr J Kelly
English Teacher     (Head of Apollo)Mrs S Kelly
English TeacherMrs J Larkin
Technology Teacher    Miss V Lord
PE TeacherMrs S Lyner
Maths TeacherMr R Markham
MFL TeacherMiss K Mercier
Geography TeacherMr R Ness
SENDCoMrs S Palin
Learning Co-ordinator for ICT / Faculty Director – DesignMr G Parker
Faculty Director for MathematicsDr N Player
Science TeacherMr N Qualter
Learning Co-ordinator for MFLMiss T Robinson
Science TeacherMrs C  Shaw
Faculty Director for English Miss L Stevens
Art TeacherMrs G Swinburne
Science TeacherMiss L Taylor
Maths TeacherMr P Whelan

Associate Staff  

Business ManagerMrs J Gothorp
Staff Deployment/Personnel OfficerMrs R Woolass
Head’s PA & Exams OfficerMrs M Tomlinson
Admin Mrs B Guy
AdminMrs J Ireland
ReceptionMrs T Moody
ReceptionMrs E Foster
Finance OfficerMrs R Napier
Finance AssistantMrs M Mallinson
Learning SupervisorMr L Meyer
Learning SupervisorMrs K Ward 
Pastoral Support Officer – EndeavourMrs T Clayton
Pastoral Support Officer – AtlantisMrs J Taylor
Pastoral Support Officer – DiscoveryMrs W Frost
Pastoral Support Officer – ApolloMrs J Lazenby
Pastoral Support Officer – Inclusion MentorMs K Kropacz
Attendance Officer Mrs R Marshall
Careers Admin AssistantMiss P Davidson
Network ManagerMrs C Ireland
Resource Centre/LibrarianMrs A Finch
Senior Science TechnicianMrs J Openshaw
IT TechnicianMr A Ramsay
Science TechnicianMrs J Wilson 
Technician – Hard TechnologyMr M Watson
Technician – Soft TechnologyMrs J Smith
Premises ManagerMr P Shipley
Caretaker   Mr K Knights
Caretaker   Mr J McCormick
Caretaker  Mr M Sloan
Art Technician  Mrs J Ireland
SEN Department                      
Learning Support – SENDCo PA/Admin OfficerMrs D Blackburn 
 Teaching and Learning AssistantsMrs J Smith
Mrs M Ray
Mrs M Riding 
Mrs C Stubbins
Mrs N Robinson
Mrs L Crowley
Miss K Sagliocca
Mr A Harvey
Supervisory Assistant (Lunchtime)Mrs P Kane 
Mrs M Coventry
Miss R Collin 
Mrs J White

Annual Accounts